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Poppy just dropped her new single “New Way Out” yesterday. The release comes after the singers successful collaborations with BAD OMENS and KNOCKED LOOSE, showing Poppy’s vocal skills in many different styles.

Brazil’s Sepultura have announced their farewell tour, “Celebrating Life Through Death,” with North American dates set for the fall of 2024. The tour will kick-off in Chicago, Tuesday September 17th when they play Concord Music Hall with tickets for that show available to the public this Friday. Guitarist Andreas Kisser expressed excitement, saying, “We are having a blast celebrating 40 years of history, and now it is your turn! See you all on the road!” The band will be joined by Obituary and Agnostic Front.

And finally, Justin Bieber recently joined Threads, gaining millions of followers quickly. In his initial posts, he thanked Nickelback and Creed, defending them against online ridicule. Bieber stated, “And if you like to hate on Nickelback and Creed, U just don’t understand it. It’s good trust me.”