Kittie, the rock band, has released a fresh single and music video called “One Foot In The Grave” from their upcoming album, Fire. The song, described as “feisty and high-energy” by lead singer Morgan Lander, talks about bouncing back from tough times. This album marks Kittie’s return after 13 years, hitting stores on June 21st.

The Smashing Pumpkins and Few Spirits are working together on a new bourbon. It’s called Few Smashing Pumpkins Bourbon and it’s strong, aged for four years, and mixed with special tea from a shop owned by the band’s singer, Billy Corgan. It will cost about $50 and will be available this summer, just in time for the band’s new single.

And finally, Rage Against The Machine’s guitarist, Tom Morello, is this year’s winner of the Woody Guthrie Prize. The award celebrates musicians who make big impacts in music and activism. Previous winners include Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, and Public Enemy’s Chuck D.