Source: YouTube

Nonpoint have released a new song titled, “Underdog”, with a video to go along with it. The band stated that the new tune urges listeners to embrace their underdog status and defy expectations.

Dropkick Murphys have announced that they will be hitting the road this fall for a North American tour. The group will be bringing the band Pennywise for support, with them making a stop in Milwaukee at the Riverside Theater on Tuesday October 22nd.

And finally, here’s something you don’t hear about everyday! The other day, Wildlife rangers in Colorado spent hours trying to lure a bear out of a tree that had been terrorizing garbage cans in a town about 15 miles from Denver. After a few hours and no success even using a drone to aggravate it out, the rangers decided to blast Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man!” Apparently the bear is a Sabbath fan, because it was unfazed, and came down on it’s own a couple hours later.