Source: YouTube

Godsmack’s Sully Erna is sharing his story behind the group’s latest single “Truth”. The singer put out a video explaining how the song was inspired by the end of a seven-year relationship with his ex. The seven-minute video, shows several clips of Erna opening up to his bandmates about how his emotions got in the way while trying to record the song.

KISS, who just wrapped up their farewell tour, are now selling their catalog, brand name and IP to Swedish company Pophouse Entertainment Group in a deal estimated to be over $300 million. When KISS played their final show at Madison Square Garden in December, they ended by revealing digitized avatars of themselves. The ways in which the avatars will be used has not been announced, but Pophouse says fans can expect a biopic, a documentary and a KISS experience in the future.

And finally, Jerry Abbott, the father of Pantera’s Vinnie Paul Abbott and brother Dimebag Darrell died Wednesday night at a caregiving facility in Texas. He was five days away from his 81st birthday.