Source: YouTube

Aaron Lewis released a new tune with a video to go along with it called “Let’s Go Fishing”, and it’s pretty crazy! The video directed by R.U. Kiddin’ shows the Staind frontman trying his luck noodling for catfish in some of the nastiest rivers in the south. Check it out over at 95 WIIL

Pearl Jam have a new album set to be released in a couple weeks and Eddie Vedder plans on doing something out of the ordinary for the bands tour coming up. The singer stated that he is a huge Iron Maiden fan, so as a tribute will be out there performing a couple songs dressed as there mascot.. Eddie!

And finally, Mick Mars has decided to be frozen in carbonite, like Hans Solo was in Empire Strikes Back, so he can come back and be the same age as his former bandmates in the CRUE 25 years from now…