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So we all know the Super Bowl is going down this Sunday against the 49ers and Chiefs, and there is a ton of conspiracy theories on how the game is scripted…one of the newest ones is how Taylor Swift is there to just bring the ratings up, which if you look at the numbers, it definitely has worked. But check this out…. Taylor had posted years ago that her favorite number is 13 cause she was born on the 13th, and now people are looking way to deep with their theories. Such as…Taylor will be be making her way to the game from Tokyo the night before and the flight will take her 13 hours…if you add 4+9(49ers)…that equals 13… the game will be on 2/11…add that up…13….and the QB for San Fran…Brock Purdy’s # is 13 as well….(What does this all mean?) In my opinion….people have way too much time on their hands to come up with this “Shizznit”! I just can’t wait to see Usher perform at the halftime show! Not!

In other news….Ted Nugent was recently interviewed and wanted to let fans know that he plays his guitar everyday!!