4:20 Hit of the Day!

We get fired up every weekday at 4:20!  At that time we present you a tightly rolled new song.  You give it a taste, then let us know if you like it or not.  If you want more and like the song, you’ll puff.  If you want out of the rotation, you pass.  Songs that get puffed by a majority of the circle will get played again later in the hour.

To ‘vote’, listen at 4:20.  When you’ve made your decision on the song, call 800.223.9510 or text ‘puff’ or ‘pass’ to 68255.  Be a creative critic!  Give us more than just ‘it was good’ or ‘it sucked’.

To keep track of the daily 4:20 Hits, check here!

On Wednesday, we feature local flavor with the Homegrown Hit!  If you’ve got a local band playing music in the rock and roll realm, send an Mp3 to Stino@95wiilrock.com.  No cussing in your songs, please.

No votes allowed from anyone under 18.  95 WIIL ROCK does not condone the violation of any state or federal law.




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