10 o’clock Rock Block Revisited

Three great songs, one great artist!

Decided for yesterday that All That Remains was the way to go for the Rock Block! They have a new album, Victim Of The New Disease, out now and, they are going on tour to support it coming to the Rave March 13th. Then the power went out and f.u.b.a.r.’d my beautiful plan.

It’s The Thunder Rolls, What If I Was Nothing, and Two Weeks for the three great songs.

The Thunder Rolls was part of last summers, Summer Of Covers. There is a female background vocalist on the track and I was desperate to find out who it was last summer, but there was no information, that I found, as to who it was. All I could find was that she was regularly used by the producer Howard Benson. Now, months later it is revealed to be Diamante. Mystery solved!



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