Three great songs, one great artist!

So, last week I did Sevendust for the Friday rock block where I try and bring something heavier to the table. I was told on Facebook that if Sevendust was “heavier than usual” I needed to step up my game. I realize that there is way heavier music out there than what I have available to me here and now. I must play within the parameters of what I have available in the system. For a truly heavier WIIL Rock experience you need to listen to Full Metal Jackie on Sunday night, from 10pm till midnight.

As for tonight, I looked through what I have available and came up with three from Anthrax!

Bring The Noise, Caught In A Mosh, and Breathing Lightning are what I found.

Remind me I need to talk to JP about getting some more Anthrax into the system specifically Madhouse.

Since I chose Anthrax I decided to use a video I made for their timeless track Cup-A-Joe. Check it out, let me know what you think.

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