06/08/23 Social Distortion…. Slipknot…. Metal Music….

Social Distortion have postponed their North American headlining tour due to a stage-one tonsil cancer diagnosis of vocalist Mike Ness. As he recovers from surgery, the band put a halt on recording their eighth album. Social Distortion were scheduled to perform on Friday, July 14th for the Harley Davidson Homecoming concert at Veterans Park in Milwaukee.

Slipknot’s percussionist Clown will be sitting out of some of the bands upcoming shows in order to stay home with his wife, who is suffering from some undisclosed health issues. Clown who’s real name is M. Shawn Crahan, took to social media to share the news, and said he will be back out on the road soon.

And finally, according to psychologist Dr. Andreoli, being a ‘metalhead’ brings less stress to your life, and helps you think more logically in complex situations than those who don’t listen to metal.