05/30/23 Shadows Fall…. Rammstein…. Black Sabbath….

Recently Shadows Fall singer Brian Fair spoke about how the band is working on some new music in more than a decade. Shadows Fall released a statement back in 2014 in which they explained that due to financial difficulties, it was virtually impossible for them to continue. In 2021, the band got back together for a reunion show and are now back out playing a few festivals for now.

Rammstein’s Till Lindemann took a tumble walking off stage in Lithuania the other night. As the band was saying goodbye to the crowd, fan footage shows Till taking a spill as he is exiting the stage. He did however join his bandmates for the final exit, so he must be alright.

And finally, come to find out, Ozzy revealed that so many people thought that Black Sabbath were actually into black magic in their early days. He said that it got so bad, that at one point a German promoter booked them with return air fare, and actually sent an extra one way ticket if they decided to use a sacrificial victim for the show.