05/05/23 Extreme…. Ozzy…. AI….

Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt jacked his leg up taking part in a Rockers versus an Average Joes basketball game  while on board the Monsters Of Rock cruise on Tuesday. The video posted on line shows the guitarist jumping up to block a shot, and then quickly retrieving to a fence behind the hoop, holding his leg, when the game was stopped so he could be escorted out in a wheelchair.

Earlier this year, ‘The Prince Of Darkness’, Mr. Ozzy Osbourne made the decision to cancel his tour due to health issues. Now he says that he is determined to play more shows because that is all he has known for 55 years, and if he has to have someone wheel him out, let it be.

And finally, the world of AI has been hitting the music world with computerized generated songs of deceased artists singing to other bands songs. Most recently there is a song of Chester Bennington laying his vocals down to Stone Sour’s ‘Bother’, which in my opinion sounds pretty good, but there is also one of Kurt Cobain singing Radio Heads ‘Creep’, that sounds nothing like the singer.