04/25/23 Alter Bridge…. Blink 182…. Falling In Reverse….

Alter Bridge have added a separate leg to their “Pawns & Kings” tour in August. Opening up for them will be Sevendust and Mammoth WVH, which will include a stop on Saturday, August 26th at The Rave/Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee.

A major fan of Blink 182 was scammed into thinking she was going to meet the band at Travis Barker’s house the other day. On arrival to the drummer’s gated home, the woman attempted to get in four times, and was denied entry. On the fifth attempt, she decided to crash through the gate, and was quickly arrested for trespassing.

And finally, Falling In Reverse cancelled two shows in Florida over the weekend. This time it wasn’t because of missing lap tops, instead it seems that lead singer, Ronnie Radke couldn’t find his voice. Radke posted a video message apologizing to the fans stating that he needs to rest his vocal cords and promised to make it up to them.