04/11/23 Metallica… Eddie Van Halen… Jack Black

Metallica have announce a marching band competition titled ‘For Whom The Band Tolls’. It’s a national challenge to marching bands of all levels to recreate some of Metallica’s classic songs in their own unique way. The contest offers over $150,000 in prizes and bands that are interested should turn in a video submission by November 16th of this year. For more information go to http://metallicamarchingband.com

The infamous guitar that the late, great Eddie Van Halen used for ‘The Hot For Teacher’ video back in 84′ is currently up for auction. The starting bid was set at $1.8 million , but is expecting to fetch somewhere between $2 and $3 million by the time bidding ends on April 18th.

And finally, Jack Black has put out a new music video for the upcoming ‘Super Mario Brothers’ movie song Peaches. Black is the voice of Bowser in the movie based on the popular Nintendo game, and is shown in the video seated at a peach piano decked out in a Bowser-green suit, in a peach colored room singing about Princess Peaches. It’s pretty comical to say the least, with Jack in true character form.