04/07/23 Motley Crue…  Kiss… Dee Snider…

Motley Crue’s Mick Mars has finally opened up about his departure from touring with the band, and has now slapped his former bandmate’s with a lawsuit over the percentage of profits he will be getting moving forward. According to Mars, not only did he step back from touring due to health issues, he refused to continue because of all the backing tracks they used during the ‘Stadium Tour’ last year. He claims that all of Nikki Sixx’s playing was 100% tracked and he didn’t want anything to do with pretending to play.

Ace Frehely recently gave former band mate Paul Stanley seven days to apologize for a comment he made on why he didn’t show up at the Rock’ N’ Roll induction ceremony where the original members were set to perform. Stanley’s comments were that if he did show up, the band mine as well been called ‘Piss’, instead of ‘Kiss’. Ace said that if Paul didn’t call, he was going to release some info that would ruin Paul and Gene. Paul did call, but it wasn’t to apologize, instead it was to say “Bleep You!” Frehley decided to be the better man and not release the info he had on them.

And finally, Twisted Sister’ Dee Snider has just been unveiled as ‘Doll’ on the singing competition game show, ‘The Masked Singer’. The show where panelists try to figure out who the celebrity is singing behind their costume. Snider’s last song was ‘Jailhouse Rock’, and none of the judges had a clue on who it was.