Three Lock Box


Three Lock Box is back! Presented by Buck Brothers! This is the biggest and best Three Lock Box in history! This year, win one of three all-inclusive trips to the Riu Caribe in Cancun!  The first two keys have been found, one is left.  Scroll down to see where they were and the reasons behind the clues.

If you’re new to the operation, here’s the deal. We hide three keys in the listening area. One key is hidden at a time. Listen weekdays for clues as to the location of the hidden key. Find one of the keys and win one of the trips!

We give clues weekdays Monday, at 7:30am, 12:30pm, and 5:30pm.  You can also get a premium clue delivered to your inbox by signing up for the E-Rock Newsletter!  Premium clues are sent Friday afternoon.

Three Lock Box keys (rectangular sheet of paper, laminated, just smaller than postcard size) can be hidden in Illinois or Wisconsin. Keys will be hidden in public places where there is no admission to enter, with limited restricted hours, and where one will not have to trespass to locate them.

Clues given on-air will not be repeated. If you miss a clue during the week, we’ll post them online Friday, shortly after 5:30pm.

If you find a key, you MUST immediately follow the instructions listed on the key to redeem.

Thanks to Buck Brothers, Northern Illinois Full Service John Deere Dealer,  Fox World Travel, Apple Vacations, and the Riu Caribe in Cancun.  Rules


Key #2 – Clues and reasons

Mandy from Kenosha found it near Glacial Park near Spring Grove.


7:30 – 21st (Illinois was the 21st state to enter the union.
The key is in Illinois)
12:30 – Oxidane (chemical name for water…the key is near water
5:30 – Named after an Indian Fighter…(William McHenry…McHenry County)


7:30 – 16ft. (the length of the average canoe…the key is hidden at a canoe launch)
12:30 – 307,343 (apx population of McHenry county…the key is in McHenry county)
5:30 – Top Hat – (Abe Lincoln is known for wearing top hats…land of lincoln…Illinois)


7:30 – 2001 (the year the Nippersink Creek Restoration project started…the key is hidden along the Nippersink Creek)
12:30 – N.C.P. – (Nippersink Creek Project…the key is hidden at Keystone Landing along Nippersink Creek Project)
5:30 – Remix (I hid my key in a spot very close to where Emily hid her’s but not the exact same spot)


7:30 – Not all Leopards are vicious (leopard frogs some of the wildlife found near Nippersink Creek)
12:30 – Whoops (I hid my key in the same location as Emily’s key last year)
5:30 – An old cartoon starring irritated castor canadensis (referring to “Angry Beavers” on Nickelodean…Beavers live in the creek…the key is hidden near Nippersink Creek)


7:30 – The only mortal in a room full of Gods (Earth is the only planet in our solar system not named after a God…the key is on Earth)
12:30 – I’m capable of changing my appearance, but you still recognize me (referring to water’s three different states…steam, liquid, and ice…the key is hidden near water)
5:30 – 1 of 4 (keystone landing is 1 of 4 possible canoe launch points along the creek)

BONUS CLUE – 10,000 years (Mammoths went extinct apx. 10,000 years ago…Mammoths=ice age…the key is hidden in glacier park)



Key #1  – Clues and reasons

Pat from Gurnee found the key.  It was near a parking garage in downtown Libertyville.

MONDAY 4/17/17
7:30 – Under  (The key is hidden under a fire extinguisher box)
12:30 – Since 1818 (The key is hidden in Illinois which became a state in 1818)
5:30 – Algonquin (The word “Illinois” comes from a French rendering of a native Algonquin word.)
TUESDAY 4/18/17
7:30 – 13,170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (The key is located on Earth.  Earth weighs 13,170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds)
12:30 – Below 42.  (The key is in Illinois.  Most of Illinois is located below 42 degrees North latitude)
5:30 – Number one with Eleven.  (The key is in Illinois.  Illinois has 11 nuclear power plants.  Illinois leads all states in the amount of nuclear power generated)
7:30 – 8 Clicks to the big pond  (Libertyville is 5 miles west of Lake Michigan.  The key is in Libertyville.  5 miles is equal to about 8 “clicks” on a military map)
12:30 – All 260 Million won’t fit.  (By the most recent data there are approximately 260 million registered vehicles in America.  The key is in a parking garage)
5:30 – A constitutional federal republic.  (The United States is a a constitutional federal republic.  The key is located in the United States)
THURSDAY 4/20/17
7:30 – 8.81 to search (The total land area of Libertyville in miles.  The key is in Libertyville)
12:30 – 22.8 to search (The total land area of Libertyville in kilometers.  The key is in Libertyville)
5:30 – 20,512 wonder what’s up (The population of Libertyville in the most recent census.  The key is in Libertyville)
FRIDAY 4/21/17  (Unused)
7:30 – Look for Mr Biv’s first initial (ROY G. BIV is an acronym for the colors of the rainbow, with the R meaning red.  The key is hidden by a lot of red)
12:30 – Said “see ya” to McHenry in 1839 (Lake county was originally part of McHenry County.  It was separated in 1839.  The key is in Lake County)
5:30 – Been around for 4,540,000,000 (The earth has been around for that long.  The key is hidden on earth)
BONUS CLUE – Monopoly (The key is in s FREE PARKING garage.  Just like the FREE PARKING space on a Monopoly board)