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Seth from Antioch won the the first trip, Bill from Waukegan won the second, Nancy from Waukegan won the third... will you win the fourth and final Solar Vortex trip?  Listen the next two weeks to win!

Warmth.  That elusive feeling has evaded you all winter.  Now's the time to get some heat.  95 WIIL ROCK's Solar Vortex gives you a chance to win an all-inclusive trip to the Barcelo Puerto Vallarta in Mexico!(airfare included).  

You have a couple ways to win.  We've employed similar methods in the past, so this shouldn't be hard...   


  • Be caller 10 when you hear the Solar Vortex sound effect (sound to play 3x a day, M-F, 5a-7p)
  • Stop at a Solar Vortex outlet and fill out a entry slip during a Solar Vortex remote broadcast.  Events listed below, more will be added, so keep paying attention.  

As stated above, we have a TOTAL OF FOUR THREE TWO ONE TRIP LEFT! 

We are now qualifying on-air and at Solar Vortex outlets during a specific broadcasts.  Every two weeks we'll give a trip away. Each trip will have two weeks of qualifying.  The final trip giveaway is on April 26th.   All qualfiers need to be present at the giveaway to win the trip.  If you qualified for the first three trips, you'll need to qualify again to win the next trip.


A total of 5 qualifers will be picked from each of the Solar Vortex outlets at the conclusion of the remote broadcast.  There will be a final chance to get your name in the final giveaway hopper, show up at the final giveaway!  


Trip #4 - Qualify


If confused, just keep listening and do what we tell you to do.  Rules.